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Interior Design

Furnishing Services

Furnishing Services

From one room to full homes, we can help plan that perfect space, whatever your budget


Furnishing Services

Furnishing Services

Furnishing Services

Our experienced staff can source, purchase, deliver and set up your furniture while you relax


Handyman Services

Furnishing Services

Handyman Services

We do everything from mounting TVs, hanging artwork and shelves to painting your rooms

Home Design & Furnishing


Stylishly Comfortable & Functional Homes

Not matter what your budget, we can help design the home of your dreams. Weather on a tight budget or money is no object and you need help with style, furniture selection and placement, accents and lighting and artwork or you need us to do it all for you and take lead in creating a space that is move-in ready from the very first piece down to the last we can do it all.  


Space Planning & Organization

We are masters of figuring out storage solutions for all of that accumulated "stuff" that every home has and can never figure out where to tuck it all away neatly.  Especially all of those kids toys if you are in a home with children and the toys seem to take over the adult spaces.  The old English proverb "children should be seen and not heard" is a cruel concept but their "toys" should be played with and not seen whenever possible in adult spaces in our book.


Painting & Handy Man Services

From full interior painting, window treatments, TV mounting and electronics wiring to picture and artwork hanging, we do it all.  Anything needed in your home that deals with the look and esthetics is our business.  Measuring and mastering with precision and strict attention to detail and symmetry is a must for the perfect home.

Office & Workspace Design


Office Design & Install Projects

Whether you need to have your already selected furniture purchased, delivered, installed or all of the above, we can provide all of these services at rapid speed having your business ready to operate as fast and efficiently as possible. Saving you as much down-time as possible so your business can get to its productivity ASAP.


Wellness Design & Furnishing

Furnish My Space may be the only Design & Furnishing company that boasts having a PHD Psychologist on board who also works developing the science behind wellness living for one of the world's top healthcare companies.  We specialize in making sure your team is working in an environment that not only inspires productivity but also increases healthy living in the process through active workspaces and lighting that keeps circadian rhythms in line, or promoting healthy home lifestyles for your family.


Retail & In-Store Displays

Need to make your store-front or retail display pop? We have you covered.  From food carry-out restaurants  like Blossom Du Jour all over Manhattan, to boutique shops like HipChik in Westchester to large department stores like Lord & Taylor we have sourced, purchased and furnished full store displays in one to two days time max.

Other Pro Services


Kitchen Installations

With over a decade of kitchen design and installation experience we have done kitchens from the Hamptons to Manhattan to the Jersey Shore.  With a fast and experienced team we know how to get in, get it done and get out so you can cook and eat and entertain in comfort and in a kitchen that anyone would be proud to have as the gathering place for friends and family.


Custom Closets & Dressing Rooms

Whether needing just a simple free-standing wardrobe or turning that alcove space or entire extra bedroom in your home into a full walk-in closet and dressing room we have the skills and design experience to make it happen.  Think happy wife = happy life, or maybe you are just a fashionista that needs that special place for all of your elegant vines.  Whatever the case we can create your space.


Event Planning & Convention Booth Set-up

You have that event or convention that requires set-up and man-power and the most important thing is "TIMING", there is no room for error or delay because there is only one period of time for this to happen. Set-up and breakdown must go over without a hitch so you can focus on drawing in business and connecting with future potential.  We are masters of the clock and can set up any event or booth you have planned.



New York Magazine

Yelp Customer Praise

New York Magazine

Since 2009 we have been Best of New York in New York Magazine for founder Eric Rhea's continued service in the field. Click below for the full article.


Apartment Therapy

Yelp Customer Praise

New York Magazine

Apartment Therapy labeled us the goto company for IKEA and all things flatpack furniture related. So much so, they even had us furnish their NY offices


Yelp Customer Praise

Yelp Customer Praise

Yelp Customer Praise

With Yelp reviews that span back almost a decade, we have over 200 reviews and an overall 4.5 out of 5 stars (nobody is perfect but we are close to it).

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